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Weekly Bulletin No. 815

Tuesday 9th June 

  • Payroll: UPS and the recruitment pause
  • iProcurement: requesting department codes to be added to DTH orders
  • Accounts Payable:
    • Banking information required for new Individuals and Students (who are not already on Payroll)
    • Annual Cash Holdings return due for 30 June 2020
  • Treasury: 
    • Cambridge University Endowment Fund distribution May 2020
    • Deposit Account interest and enforced movement notifications
  • Key Contacts: User reactivation requests
  • Training: new dates and courses added to the virtual programme
  • FUG - Wed 10 June, 10am

Please see the link below for previous communications and guidance regarding measures put in place as a result of Covid-19.

COVID-19 Communications
Bulletin Archive
Accounting Timetable

However, if you have any additional queries please do continue to contact the Helpdesk on 01223 (7)65999 or at

UPS and the recruitment pause

To confirm, our understanding is that the current recruitment pause also applies to activities and workers that would be paid via the UPS. Departments are advised to follow the guidance that HR have issued to Heads of Institution and Administrators in the first instance, and to contact their HR Business Managers should they have any further questions.

iProcurement DTH orders - please ask for your department code to be added

When raising DTH non-catalogue orders, the DTH deliver-to code overtypes the department code that normally prefixes the purchase order number. To help identify which department the invoice and order relates to more easily please could you ask the supplier to add your two letter department code to the PO number, and quote that full PO number with the 2 letter code on their subsequent invoice. This will also help Shared Services when they receive invoices directly from the supplier, or in cases where the supplier has mistakenly sent the invoice to an alternative email contact.

Issued by Bernie Parsons, Shared Services

Banking information required for new Individuals and Students (who are not already on Payroll)  

Going forward in order to reduce delays on paying Individuals and Students (who do not already have bank information on Payroll) any new supplier requests must also include:

  • a copy of the person’s banking informatione.g. a pdf or photo of the person’s Bank statement/paying in book; and
  • include an email address for the person

This will allow us to set up the bank information and remittance addresses within a short period after the supplier record is completed and make timely BACS payments without having to follow up for this information separately.

Departments are reminded that where we have contacted you previously for bank information relating to existing individuals or students we will require the same information as listed above and that these should be provided as soon as is possible as we will be unable to make a payment without them. In these cases the information should be sent as a PDF attachment to .

We thank you for your assistance with this.

Issued by Andrew Weatherley – Manager Accounts Payable, Receivable and Cash Management

Annual Cash Holdings return due for 30 June 2020

As preparation for the University's annual audit it is a requirement that departments submit a Cash Holding return detailing items such as advances, petty cash and float balances as at 30th June 2020. However with the current lockdown arrangements we are aware departments may be unable to achieve this by the deadline of 21 July 2020 as detailed in the FPM11, so the following arrangement should be made.

  • When staff return to their departments please complete the return as soon as possible at that time, the form can be downloaded here.
  • Please mark the form with the date completed.
  • Whilst the return will be as at 30 June we accept that in many cases this may represent the March 20 position when lockdown commenced and cash transactions ceased.
  • Completed forms (including NIL returns) should be returned to the Finance Division and be marked for the attention of the Cashierspreferably by email (PDF attachment) to
  • Please feel free to let us know as soon as possible if you are already aware of any discrepancies on advances, petty cash and float balances that you have not previously advised us on.

Issued by Andrew Weatherley – Manager Accounts Payable, Receivable and Cash Management

User reactivation requests

When submitting User Reactivation requests could Key Contacts please clearly state the list of responsibilities they would like us to assign to the users. This is an audit requirement and would save the need for the requests to be returned to the Key Contacts for clarification. Please see the Key Contact Guide for more information.

Cambridge University Endowment Fund distribution May 2020

Please note that the Cambridge University Endowment Fund distribution for May 2020 has been processed in the May 2020 CUFS period at 216.54p per unit per annum.

Deposit Account


The Deposit Account interest has been credited for May 2020 in CUFS.

Please ensure deposit movements for June 2020 have been processed by the close of 6th July 2020, and that overdrawn accounts have had funds taken off deposit by this time to avoid delays in crediting June’s Interest.

Enforced movements and notification letters

As part of monthly monitoring the Treasury & Investments team have carried out deposit movements to correct debit balances on Sources of Funds. Affected departments will receive documentation indicating which accounts have been adjusted.

Departments will now receive enforced movement letters via email. If these are being received by the incorrect contact or you have not received a notification you were expecting, please contact Treasury & Investments.

Issued by Scott Maclaren, Treasury & Investments

Grants virtual courses now available

In addition to the virtual courses included in last week’s bulletin we are pleased to be able to offer two virtual grants courses

Grants Part 2: Grants reports in Cognos 

Tue 14 Jul

This course will concentrate on how to use the Cognos reporting tool to help manage departmental research grants.

Grants Part 3: Viewing Grants in CUFS 

Tue 21 Jul

This course provides an overview of the Grants module in CUFS. The course will cover how you can view your projects and awards, check budgets, perform on-line queries and run some CUFS reports 

Issued by : Helen Parker, Finance Training

Next FUG Wed 10 June, 10am

Just a reminder that the next Financial User Group meeting is on Wednesday 10 June and will be held using Microsoft Teams.  Click here for the agenda.

This is an open meeting and everyone is welcome,  a link to join the virtual meeting is available to all in the agenda.

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Monthly Accounting Timetable

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