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Weekly Bulletin No. 821

Tuesday 21st July 




Year End

General Finance




An archive of previous communications is also available. However, if you have any additional queries please do continue to contact the Helpdesk on 01223 (7)65999 or at


Launch of new Procurement website - 23 July 2020

The new Procurement Services website will go live on Thursday 23 July. Once live, it may take up to twenty-four hours for the site to be accessible, but all users should be able to access by Friday. This new website features a range of updates and improvements and will be continuously updated going forward, with new features and information in the pipeline for release over the coming months.

The new site will be available at

Procurement Services welcomes all feedback to help us improve this website and to make it tailored and relevant to your purchasing needs. Please direct any feedback to or use the dedicated 'Feedback form' on the website itself.

Air Products

There is no update on Air Products this week, but Procurement Services is continuing to liaise with relevant parties to reach a final agreement.

All issued by Matthew Kidd, Procurement Systems, Reporting & Communications Manager

Marketplace unavailable – Thursday 23 July 2020

Please be advised of an upcoming period of maintenance scheduled to take place on the Marketplace from 6:00pm to 10:00 pm Thursday 23rd July 2020. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Issued by Heather Twinn, e-Procurement Administrator

Saved items in baskets and favourites

A reminder that items in Marketplace Saved Baskets or Favourite Items lists can change price over time or go out of stock entirely. There may also be cheaper or more sustainable options available since you saved the item(s), so do review your options from time-to-time, or carry out a quick comparison the next time you come to purchase these items.

NB: Please be aware that if you have any saved items from the two companies formerly known as Millipore or Merck Chemicals, these will no longer be available when you come to check them out – and you should look to replace these with items from the newly formed Merck Life Science UK Ltd at your next opportunity. Any saved items that were previously from Sigma will remain but will now be attributed to Merck Life Science UK

Issued by Helen Bailey, Finance Training

Year end tasks to be completed this week

Last date Module Task Actioned
Tue 21 Jul AR Establish all petty cash balances, till floats and advance balances held as at 30 Jun and return Cash Holding Confirmation form  
Fri 24 Jul PAY Final monthly payroll posting N/A

For detailed guidance please refer to the Year End Instructions pages on the Finance Division website. The link to the year end video presentation is also available on these pages, as well as the FAQs arising from the Q&A sessions.

Issued by Christine Rogerson, Finance Training

Mobile phone charges

The university mobile phone contract is in the process of migrating from O2 to Barclay Communication, and so Departments will have been receiving some crossover charges over the last couple of months. Within the next couple of months any remaining O2 charges will end and Departments will only receive the charges from Barclay.  Your institutional Telecoms Liaison Officers (TLOs) are aware of this change and more information is available here.

Issued by:  UIS

Cognos AP training guides now available

Additional Cognos AP guidance material is now available from the Finance Division website to supplement the instruction video and help you get started.  

Cognos AP includes Dashboard, Invoice Enquiry and Supplier Enquiry views. These views provide users with a way to quickly get an overview of AP within the department and to then drill down to invoice and supplier level as required.

Issued by Helen Parker, Finance Training

 Can you email out non-catalog purchase orders automatically?

If you know the email address you want to use: When running the Printed Purchase Order report, after putting in the parameter of the Order Number in the From and To boxes, go to the Delivery Options tab and fill in a “from” email, title, and then use the Add new row button to put in a delivery email address (Select To Recipients box, and make sure to tick). When you run the report, it will be emailed out once it has been generated. You can CC yourself if you want to be sure it has worked.

This screenshot shows the settings described.

Second option: Once the Printed PO is generated, open it, copy the email address from the supplier’s details, and then use your browser’s built in Send function to email it which will open your default email client (or simply save the page as a PDF to your machine, locate and attach to an email).

Issued by: Helen Bailey, Finance Training

How can I print at home when using a VPN/ACN connection ?

Remote Desktop security prevents direct connections to home printers. Although printing at home is discouraged due to security (and green) issues, if a hard copy is absolutely essential, there is a work-around. Save your report or PO, preferably in PDF format, and either email it to yourself from within Remote Desktop or save it into the cloud, where it can be retrieved on your standard desktop, and printed to a home printer.

NB: if you are working from home, network printers will not work, regardless of connection to the University Network. Unless they have been disconnected, all print requests will be stored in the print queue, which could  result in a lot of unnecessary printing being produced once buildings re-open. To be on safe side, please ensure your printing option is set to 0 copies or “no print” when using CUFS.

Issued by: Christine Rogerson, Finance Training

Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.