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Weekly Bulletin No. 823

Tuesday 4th August 

Procurement heading

Vector Laboratories Ltd / 2B Scientific

We have received notification from Vector Laboratories Ltd to inform us that the have been removed from the Marketplace and that 2B Scientific has been nominated as their distributor in the UK. 

2B Scientific have been asked to add the Vector Laboratories products to their Marketplace catalogue but at the moment any items required will have to be requested using  a non-catalogue order.  Notification will be sent out in the CUFS bulletin when this has been completed.

Issued by Heather Twinn - Procurement Service


General Finance heading

Year End

Year end tasks to be completed this week

Last date




Mon 3 Aug


Process all cash, cheque and (if possible) PDQ receipts relating to 2019/20 and run the Receipt Register report(s).


Mon 3 Aug


Indirect Cost Contribution (ICC) journal posted (Version 1)


Mon 3 Aug


July 2020 Chest Allocation (Second Posting)


Mon 3 Aug


Distribution of Grants Report (version 1)


Mon 3 Aug


Final input for weekly payroll posting for 2019/20 YE


Tue 4 Aug


Interim summary reports sent out to departments (Interim report 1)


Wed 5 Aug


Appropriations in Aid


Wed 5 Aug


Trust Fund overheads posted (1st posting)


Wed 5 Aug


Balance and post petty cash journal


Thu 6 Aug


Final date for UPS input for 2019/20 (pay run 14 Aug)


Fri 7 Aug


Process all Inventory transactions (NB INV closes 5pm)


Fri 7 Aug


Final weekly payroll posting for 2019/20 YE


Fri 7 Aug


Process all PO transactions (NB PO closes 5pm)


Mon 10 Aug


Submit 2019/20 items to Shared Services for processing by 5 pm


Mon 10 Aug


July 2020 Chest Allocation (Third Posting)


Mon 10 Aug


1st interim Trust Fund statement send out to Departments


For detailed guidance please refer to the Year End Instructions pages on the Finance Division website. The link to the Year end video presentation is also available on these pages, as well as the FAQs arising from the Q&A sessions.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


Department Name Changes

As advised in the Reporter, the departments listed below have changed their names.

These changes will be affective in CUFS from Monday 13th September, after year end reporting has been completed,

Department Code




Registrary's Office

Governance and Compliance Division


Occupational Health and Safety Service

Health, Safety, and Regulated Facilities Division


Legal Services Office

Legal Services Division


EM Administration

Estates Division

Links to Reporter articles:

Grace 1 of 23 January 2020 (Governance and Compliance Division, Legal Services Division, and Estates Division):

Grace 1 of 10 June 2015 (Health, Safety, and Regulated Facilities Division):

Issued by Mike Sinclair - Central and Research Accounting


Key Contacts- Users and Responsibilities Audit - Final Reminder

Users and Responsibilities Audit reports were emailed to Key Contacts on 3rd July.

A reminder was posted in Bulletin 322 and reports resent where necessary on Monday 3rd August.

Please note that failure to reply by Friday 7th August may result in access to CUFS being removed.

If you have any questions or unsure if your department has completed the audit please email UFS Audit 

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Cambridge University Endowment Fund – Notification of Revaluation & Purchases & Sales

Revaluation as at 30 June 2020
Please note that the Cambridge University Endowment Fund has been revalued as at 30 June 2020.

CUFS has been updated to reflect the new valuation in the July 2020 accounting period.  The new Unit value is £57.44 (rounded). The unit value at the end of the previous quarter was £52.27 (rounded) which represents an increase in value of 9.89%.

Revaluation as at 30 March 2020 Adjustment
Due to the exceptional financial market movements which took place during March, this meant the unit value calculated in April was only able to reflect part of the decrease in value because the illiquid assets in the fund only report with a delay. The Valuation Committee considered the question once the full information had been received, and in the light of the amounts involved on this occasion, it used the discretion given to the Investment Manager in the Information Memorandum “to make such adjustments or use such alternative valuation methods as it deems appropriate” in the interests of fairness to all investors.

The March 2020 unit price has therefore been updated from £53.31 to £52.27. Consequently, there will be additional entries in CUFS General Ledger codes correcting the capital valuation and distributions. New contract notes will be sent out to any departments that purchased or sold units at March 2020.

Purchases & Sales
Unit purchases and sales as at 30 June 2020 will also be processed within the CUFS July 2020 accounting period. Contract Notes for purchases & sales will be despatched in due course.

Next Quarter
Could all non-Trust Fund purchase and sale request be sent to All Trust Fund requests should be sent to

The deadline for the requests to be received is the 17th September 2020.

Any queries should be addressed to:Scott Maclaren, Treasury & Investments, Finance Division, Ext 64216

Issued by Scott Maclaren - Treasury & Investments


Data Conversion in CUFS - Warning

Please be aware that users should NEVER  use the keyboard combination Shift + 2 to enter quote marks in any field in CUFS.

An example where quote marks might be used would be to represent inches such as 21" monitor.

The quote marks may course some processes to fail along with other system issues.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator.


Latest Java Release update

The latest certified and tested version is 1.8.01_241, not 231 as stated in n bulletin 822.

The following are available from the Technical Download page

  • Latest certified and tested version - 1.8.0_241  

  • Latest Certified Version - 1.8.0_261

  • Certified Version  - 1.8.0_251

It is advised to have Automatic Downloads Disabled as new versions of browsers, some versions of JAVA or OS may not be compatible or supported.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Training header

Quick Tip

Text to columns is used to split the text into multiple columns. This can be really helpful when you get your data from databases or you import it from other file formats such as Text or CSV.

Click the link to watch a demo Excel – Text to columns

Issued by Helen Parker - Finance Training


FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable

UFS Bulletin

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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.