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  • Weekly Bulletin No. 832

Tuesday 6th October 

Marketplace heading

Marketplace Unavailable – Thursday 8th October 2020

Please be advised of an upcoming period of maintenance scheduled to take place on the Marketplace from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm Thursday 8th October 2020

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Issued by Heather Twinn - Procurement


Phishing alert: Users being directed to fake Raven login page

Over the last few days users have reported receiving phishing emails warning of an imminent expiration of access to a Cambridge University Library system. The links within the email direct users to a fake Raven login page.

strong>If users have entered their credentials onto this fake site they must change their password as soon as possible.

UIS also recommend that Departments install the University’s McAfee Endpoint Security and use it to scan their

If users need further assistance because they’ve clicked on the link or opened an attachment in a suspicious email, then contact the UIS Service desk with the details.

Issued by UIS Communications Group  On behalf of CSIRT

Improvements to excess income and overspend journals on grants

From 1 August 2020 any excess income or overspends arising on grants will now be posted to source of funds EDCZ. Details of individual grants will continue to be included on the journals.

Excess income and overspend journals were previously posted into department accounts using an “ED” source of funds depending on the sponsor category.

This brings this process into line with non-direct costs, pooled labour and overheads, continuing the streamlining of posting to department accounts.

If you have any questions, please contact your School Finance Advisor or the Grants helpdesk (

Issued by Central and Research Accounting

Procurement heading

Nitrile glove pricing increases

As a direct result of COVID-19, some suppliers are facing a shortage of some products covered by the IRLA Framework. The situation is particularly acute regarding nitrile gloves, with supply of this product-type unlikely to normalise until 2021.

Further to last week's bulletin, we are aware of several suppliers increasing prices for nitrile gloves. Over the past week, both VWR INTERNATIONAL LTD (Supplier No: 61614) and CAMLAB LTD (No: 108559) have indicated that they are no longer able to absorb prices increases from manufacturers, and will be passing a portion of costs on via price increases. Camlab have indicated that price increases will specifically affect their Shield Eco, Shield Orange 260 and Shield Orange 300 products.
All price increases, including those for gloves are regularly under review with suppliers, and Procurement Services category managers are actively monitoring the situation regarding nitrile glove availability with our relevant consortia partners.

Glove availability will be raised as an agenda item on the upcoming Commodity Working Group session for Science Purchasing (12 October 2020). If you have any queries on this matter, please contact us in

Issued by Matthew Kidd and Helen Stuckey - Procurement


Training header

Forthcoming courses (via Teams)

General Ledger 1, Wed 14 Oct
This course covers the basics of how the General Ledger CUFS module works and how to run online account enquiries. The second session, which is optional, covers journal processing.
Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


Quick Tips for CUFS Java “forms”

These shortcuts may be useful when using the CUFS Java integration:


Shortcut key combination

Copy down a field from the previous record

Shift + F5

Select an function where the word has a letter underlined

Alt + <underlined letter>

Close all open windows and return to the Navigator screen


Issued by Max Smith - Finance Training

FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable

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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.