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Weekly Bulletin No. 844

Tuesday 5th January

Vulnerable Period Heading

System Availability - Thursday 7th and Tuesday 12 January

The CUFS system will be unavailable during the vulnerable period of 6am to 9am on Thursday 7th and Tuesday 12 January.

This time will be used for system maintenance.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Marketplace heading

Cognos: Grants reporting – Accounts payable Invoices by Project / Award

A new feature for the AP: Invoice Enquiry report is being trialled, which will allow you to search for invoices that have been coded against particular Project or Award numbers.
This is still in the early stages, and may run slowly, but we are looking for ways to improve the usability and performance.
If you have any feedback on this new feature, or suggestions for other features, please contact
Issued by Paul Humphreys – Functional Analyst


Brexit heading

Brexit update on Purchasing goods

The Transition Period has now ended, and a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) , or 'The Deal' has been signed between the UK and EU. However, this FTA will not change many of the requirements and processes surrounding the importing and exporting of goods after the 1st January 2021 that we have already advised you of. 

For a reminder of the Key points regarding purchasing goods from overseas and a summary of what has changed as a result of the FTA is available here .

We will continue to revise our guidance on the Brexit Transition web pages and keep you updated. In the meantime if you have any questions regarding VAT, customs and excise duties and reliefs please contact the University’s Tax Team on

Issued by Karen Sheldon - Finance Training


General Finance heading

University Covid Contingency Guidance: Reminder

The University has provided an important update on its guidance for mitigating and tracking Covid-19 related costs. Departments and institutions are required to mitigate the University’s exposure to such costs as far as possible through continued efforts to recover related income from research and other funders, as well as through appropriate cost control.

Full guidance, which supersedes previous information issued in April 2020, can be found here, with an overview table in the appendix.

The guidance provides further information regarding:

  • recording ‘residual’ costs across four broad categories, in appropriate accounts (e.g. ALBE, ALBM)

  • clarification of cost categories which will be covered by the University and those where costs are only being tracked for the time being

  • clarification of approach for tracking lost trading income

  • treatment of residual furloughed staff costs, based on funding source

Issued by Karen Sheldon - Finance Training


Key Contacts - UFS User Audit reminder

As advised at the Financial Users Group on Wednesday 9th December:

The UFS user audit will commence on the 11th January with reports issued to Key Contacts.

Key Contacts should review the departmental access prior to the 11th January, reports can be requested from

Audit overview

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Marketplace heading

Marketplace error 401 update

We are now in the final stages of testing a fix for this issue.  It is hoped that the fix will go live during the vulnerable period on Thursday 7th January.

Further updates will be issued regarding the status of this problem.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Training header

Reminder: New style training courses available

To complement our existing suite of courses, we have launched On demand courses. These courses are available at all times and do not need to be booked. They cover much the same information as the virtual face-2-face courses. A range of videos, documents, exercises and self-test quizzes are included. On successful completion of the final knowledge check, the course will be added to the user’s training history.

These courses can be used:

  • As a refresher 
  • For new staff or staff moving into a new role
  • When a virtual classroom course is not available at a suitable time
  • When a virtual classroom course is not a suitable format for an individual

Course topic


Cognos bits and pieces *

GL 1 - Chart of accounts and online enquiry *

GL 1 - Journals

Using cost centre categorisation

Using plan

iProc 2 - Open PO report

Grants and CUFS

*The Cognos and GL1 on demand courses will count as the mandatory requirement to proceed to GL2: Reporting (Cognos and GL1 pre-requisite) and Grants 2: Reporting (Cognos pre-requisite).

Issued by Helen Parker - Finance Training


Forthcoming course (via Teams)

GL 1: Getting Started in the General Ledger, Wed 13 and Thu 14 Jan

Learn the basics of how the CUFS General Ledger module works and how to run online account enquiries. The second session is optional and covers processing journals.

Cognos Introduction, Tue 12 and Wed 13 Jan

If you work with reports on either GL or Grants, this course covers the Cognos reporting tool – tips, shortcuts and running reports. It is mandatory to have attended this course if you want to go on to the GL Reporting and/or Grants Reporting courses, where the outputs of the reports are discussed.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


FAQ heading

Supplier Database - Browsers

We would like to remind users that the Supplier Database no longer works with Internet Explorer.

Issued by Paul Humphreys - Functional Analyst


Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable


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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.