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Weekly Bulletin No. 851

Tuesday 23rd February


Accounts Receivable – AstraZeneca/Coupa Supplier Portal

AstraZeneca are moving to use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) from 31st March 2021. From that date all invoices issued to AZ from the University will need to be submitted on this portal.  AZ have been in touch with their contacts at the University to provide updates and links to the training available, if you have not received anything and regularly transact with AZ please contact Bernadette in Credit Control.
The University already has a central Coupa registration (managed by Credit Control) which we would prefer to use for all AZ business rather than have separate registrations set up for individual departments, please contact Bernadette Parsons (,Tel: x765872) if you wish to be registered as a user on Coupa, have already completed a Coupa registration, or have any queries on the new process with AZ or any Coupa connection going forward.
Issued by Bernadette Parsons - Shared Services Manager


eInvoicing Suppliers Purchase to Pay

A number of incidents have occurred which are causing issues with payment of eInvoicing suppliers. To avoid this happening, please note the following:


Manual Invoices for Marketplace orders

eInvoicing suppliers must invoice all Marketplace orders electronically. If departments receive a manual invoice for a Marketplace order, please contact Accounts Payable who will advise accordingly.

Similarly, if a department is contacted by a supplier chasing payment for a Marketplace order, please do not request a manual invoice, but contact Accounts Payable who will advise.

This does not apply to non-catalogue orders.


VAT on Marketplace orders

As mentioned at the FUG on Wednesday 17th February, it is important to use the correct tax when raising marketplace orders. Suppliers correct the VAT on the electronic invoice which then does not match the VAT on the order. This causes the invoice to remain in an interface table until the buyer is contacted by Accounts Payable.

Until the order is amended, validation of the invoice and therefore, payment will not occur.

Issued by Max Smith - Finance Training


Tax Heading

Procurement - Reminder on advance payment requests

An Advance Payment (or pre-payment) is any payment to a supplier made before the University has received the goods, works and/or services. Such payments present a financial risk to the University, and anyone seeking to make an advance payment must seek approval prior to the payment being made. If an invoice is received by the University prior to a request for advance payment approval being granted, such an event will be recorded as a breach of the Financial Regulations.
Approval can be given by a Head of Department if the payment value is less than £10,000. All payments above £10,000 must come via Procurement Services for approval. 
For more information on advance payments, including how to seek approval from Procurement Services, please see the Procurement Services website.
Issued by Matthew Kidd - Procurement Services.

Training header

Report on Anti Bribery and Modern Slavery mandatory training

Whilst we are not able to access the office, the above reports cannot be sent to departments automatically. In order to send out our monthly compliance report, we use a macro that mass sent emails to all nominated contacts in all departments. Unfortunately, whilst working from home, this macro is blocked by UIS to prevent uncontrollable emails being sent. However, although we cannot provide the report automatically at the moment, we will manually send the compliance report if requested. Please contact our training helpdesk.


Grants 4: Administration of your Grant in CUFS

This course has been redesigned and is now available online so can be completed in your own time, anywhere. It covers the day to day, and month end, transactions that need to be completed using a variety of tools in CUFS. The target audience are departmental grant administrators involved with clearing the suspense account and moving expenditure via grant journals or the AP module. We estimate the course will take at least 2 hours, but is of course dependant on how much time you spend on practicing. It is a hands on course, and you will be set up in PLAY so you can create and enter journals and use the other tools in the CUFS environment with your real life (but not real time) departmental data. There is a scored quiz at the end of the course and it will be added to your training history once you have completed successfully. Sign up here.


Forthcoming course (via Teams)

How to Excel (1 & 2) for Finance Staff, Tue 2 and Wed 3 Mar

The first of the Excel courses that aim to increase your spreadsheet skills in the context of working with CUFS data. Apart from  extracting the data, learn how to manipulate and analyse it for reporting purposes, using a variety of Excel tools. Both sessions need to be attended.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


FAQ heading

Supplier Database - Browsers

We would like to remind users that the Supplier Database no longer works with Internet Explorer.

Issued by Paul Humphreys - Functional Analyst


Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable



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Vulnerable Periods

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