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Weekly Bulletin No. 859

Monday 19th April

Vulnerable Period

Use of Vulnerable Period - Thursday 22nd April 2021

System maintenance is scheduled for the vulnerable period (VP)  of 6am to 9am on Thursday 22nd April

  • Users who are processing in CUFS when the VP starts will lose their work.

  • Users who are running requests in CUFS when the VP starts could delay the start of work while those requests complete.

  • Users attempting to log onto CUFS while the system is being brought back online can face instability and delay the return of the sys

UFS Communications will be issued when the work is complete and users can access the system.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Marketplace heading

Imports using FedEx or DHL

DHL have informed us that they have now updated their customer master files to ensure that (1) clearance instructions are requested prior to import and (2) where any VAT is due, postponed VAT accounting is to be used as the method of payment.
In practice this means where goods are being transported by either FedEx or DHL departments should be contacted directly by these parcel operators requesting ‘clearance instructions’ prior to import. At this point completed medical exemption certificates should be forwarded directly to these parcel operators to avoid VAT charges.  
Departments should also stop receiving invoices for import VAT amounts on all imports using DHL.  Please do let the tax team know if this is not happening on
Issued by Angela Fearnside - Tax


Further easement of the workaround for Medical Exempt POs

Following our previous communications (Bulletins 857 and 855) you will not need to manually forward Medical Exemption certificates to:

  • Marketplace suppliers that have confirmed that they will not be shipping from abroad direct to the University; or
  • Marketplace suppliers that are using either FedEx or DHL as their preferred parcel operator to transport the goods

Where known we have added details of which parcel operator (eg. FedEx, DHL and UPS) the suppliers are using to the spreadsheet on Procurement’s website to assist you. We will continue to update this spreadsheet as we receive new information from Advance, suppliers and departments over the forthcoming week.

If you have any further questions or relevant information from suppliers please continue to contact Procurement on . In the meantime we thank you for your patience whilst we continue to work towards a more sustainable alternative solution.

Issued by Matt Kidd - Procurement Services


Launch of the new dispensation form - 21 April 2021

Procurement is launching a new dispensation form on the 21 April 2020. This new form is the start of a broader piece of work to improve the whole dispensation process and will launch with guidance and completed example dispensations.
The new form seeks to improve user experience, reduce manual administration, and enhance data quality and information. The new form is also positioned to use a lot of new automation and reporting functionality, which will allow Procurement to process requests for dispensations faster and, in future, provide self-service reporting to departments on dispensations.
When the new form goes live, all previously raised dispensations will remain active and any raised prior to the switch-over will continue to be processed as normal. For the time being, requests will continue to be processed as-is. So, other than the new form, departmental users should see little immediate change to the process requesting a dispensation.
You will be able to find the new form - and all associated guidance and information - at:
Please note - that the new form is hosted in the University of Cambridge Office 365 ecosystem and users will be required to login with their login to access it.

Accessing CUFS using Java

From 1st May onwards, anyone using a Java Version of Java 8 Update 151 or earlier will no longer be able to access CUFS.
Update 151 was released in 2017 and the security vulnerabilities are now well known.
If you have any concerns, or need help checking which version of Java you are on, please contact your departmental computer officer.
Over the coming months we will be increasing the restrictions until only the latest versions of Java are allowed to access CUFS, please take this opportunity to ensure you update your Java version.
Issued by Paul Humphreys – Functional Analyst

General Finance heading

Cambridge University Endowment Fund – Notification of Revaluation December 2020

Revaluation as at 31 December 2020

Unfortunately there was an error in the previous communication regarding December’s CUEF unit value.

The new Unit value is £63.08 (rounded) and not £63.01 (rounded) as previously stated. The unit value at the end of the previous quarter was £59.88 (rounded) which represents an increase in value of 5.34%.


Any queries should be addressed to: Treasury & Investments, Finance Division EXT 64216

Issued by Scott Maclaren - Treasury & Investments


Deposit Account – Interest Payment & Emailed Enforced Movement Letters

Deposit Account
Please note Deposit Account interest has been credited for March 2021 in CUFS

Enforced Movements
As part of monthly monitoring the Treasury & Investments team have carried out deposit movements to correct debit balances on Sources of Funds. Affected departments will receive documentation indicating which accounts have been adjusted.

Emailed Enforced Movement Letters
Departments will now receive enforced movement letters via email. If these are being received by the incorrect contact or you have not received a notification you were expecting, please contact Treasury & Investments.

April 2021 Deposit Account Interest
Please ensure deposit movements for April 2021 have been processed by the close of 7th May 2021, and that overdrawn accounts have had funds taken off deposit by this time to avoid delays in crediting April’s Interest.

Cambridge University Endowment Fund – Distribution

Distribution March 2021
Please note that the Cambridge University Endowment Fund distribution for the quarter to March 2021 has been processed in the March 2021 CUFS period at 223.17p per unit per annum.

Queries: Any queries should be addressed to:  Treasury & Investments, Finance Division EXT 64216

Issued by Scott Maclaren - Treasury & Investments


Accountants’ annual update 28 April – Reminder

The annual update run by our auditors PwC on the latest updates to FRS 102 is taking place on Monday next week. The event will be held on Teams, 28 April at 3pm and is expected to last 60 – 90 minutes. You will receive an emailed link to join the meeting if you’ve booked a place.

Click here to book a place.

Issued by Helen Parker  - Finance Training


Financial User Group

Financial Users Group (FUG) - Recording available

The recording of the FUG meeting held on Wednesday 14th April is now available from the link below and on the FUG webpage.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator

Training header

Off-payroll worker update session – 5 May 2021 at 2pm (Teams live event)

The off-payroll working rules cover anti-avoidance legislation designed to ensure parity, as regards the amount paid in Income Tax and National Insurance contributions, between individuals who are employed and those who provide their services via an intermediary (e.g. a limited company).

In April 2021 the rules were amended, this brief update session will explain the changes and the impact on departments.

Note - this session is an update and will not cover the basics of the off-payroll worker legislation, there will be sessions later in the year for this

No booking is required: Use this link to join the meeting on the day

Calendar entries are not automatically produced for Teams live events and so you will need to add this meeting your diary manually. You can also paste the link above into your calendar entry.

Issued by Helen Parker -  Finance Training


Forthcoming Courses (via Teams): 

Cognos Intro, Mon 26 and Tue 27 April

This course is the basis for GL and Grants reporting and introduces the functionality of Cognos. It is a practical course, with demonstrations of tips and shortcuts. You will need to ensure you have Cognos access setup before the course. This is obtained via your Key Contact. NB. The objective is to facilitate using Cognos. Report outputs are covered in detail in the GL or Grants reporting courses.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable


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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.