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Weekly Bulletin No. 866

Monday 7th June

Financial User Group

Financial Systems Users Group (FUG) - Wednesday 9th June

The next Financial Users Group will take place at 10am on Wednesday 9th June via Microsoft Teams.

The link to join the meeting will be made available via Financial Users Group webpage and the agenda.

Recordings and minutes from previous meetings are also available from the FUG Papers page.

Issued by Michelle Bond - Head of Financial Systems


Year End Heading

Year-end 2020/21 presentations and useful links

The main presentation for this year end is now available online. It is 46 minutes long and replaces the year end school seminars. The objective is to highlight year end deadlines and associated issues for school and non-school accounts staff. You have the opportunity to get the panel to address any queries at the live Q&A sessions. These have been setup for each school, as well as a general/non-schools/UAS session. Please click here for dates.
This year there are some additional videos available which provide more details on the following topics :
  • 2019-20 Financial Statements and Financial Narrative
  • CUEF changes
  • Covid costs
  • AP Dashboard
  • Higher Education- Business and Community Interactivity (HE-BCI)
All of these videos are available from the year end webpage: Year-end presentations and Q&A sessions.
Other useful links for the year end:
Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


Marketplace heading

Accessing the Procurement Dispensation Form

The Dispensation Form is hosted on the University SharePoint. To access the form, you will need to login using your generic University-wide account.
Accounts used at local institutions are not able to access the form directly. This includes accounts used by users in Judge Business School, CISL and within some departments in the School of Clinical Medicine (inc. Neurosciences, MRC and CRUK), among others. Users at these institutions will need to login using their University-wide ID. We recommend logging into your University-wide account and accessing the form via an 'incognito' browser tab - this will allow you to complete the form without having to logout from your local institutional account.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this causes.
Issued by Matthew Kidd - Strategic Procurement and Purchasing (SPP) project

General Finance heading

Deposit Account – Interest Payment & Emailed Enforced Movement Letters

Deposit Account
Please note Deposit Account interest has been credited for May 2021 in CUFS

Enforced Movements
As part of monthly monitoring the Treasury & Investments team have carried out deposit movements to correct debit balances on Sources of Funds. Affected departments will receive documentation indicating which accounts have been adjusted.

Emailed Enforced Movement Letters
Departments will now receive enforced movement letters via email. If these are being received by the incorrect contact or you have not received a notification you were expecting, please contact Treasury & Investments.

June 2021 Deposit Account Interest
Please ensure deposit movements for June 2021 have been processed by the close of 6th July 2021, and that overdrawn accounts have had funds taken off deposit by this time to avoid delays in crediting June’s Interest.

Any queries should be addressed to Treasury & Investments Ext 64216

Issued by Dave Sizer - Treasury & Investments


Cambridge University Endowment Fund – Reminder of Purchases & Sales Deadline

Purchases & Sales as at 30th June 2021
Please note that when making decisions on June’s CUEF purchase and sales, deadline 5pm 17th June 2021, March’s purchase and sales and the quarter’s distribution will not have been posted in CUFS.

Estimates will need to be calculated to include distribution that has yet been paid to accounts along with any requests for purchase and sales in March 2021.
Please contact Treasury if you have any questions or would like further guidance.
Queries: Any queries should be address to Ext 64216
Issued by Scott Maclaren - Treasury & Investments

 Training header

Forthcoming Courses (via Teams)

Grants 2: Grants reporting in Cognos Tue 15 and Wed 16 June

This is the Grants course that covers reporting using Cognos. It includes the two “new” consolidated reports where you can select your own output. Over the two sessions, reporting is viewed from three different perspectives: summary financial information, detailed expenditure analysis and management reports for grants due to close. You need to have Cognos access and to have competed Intro to Cognos. If you missed this, you can catch up by completing the online version.


How to Excel 3 Thu 17 June

This is advanced Excel for finance staff. SUMIF and COUNTIF formulas will be covered, as well as macros using the recorder and VBA tools. To confirm your booking, you are required to complete some pre-course work to substantiate your Excel skills and be working in a finance related role within the University as staff.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


Accessing CUFS using Java

From 1st June onwards, anyone using a Java Version of Java 8 Update 201 or earlier will no longer be able to access CUFS.

If you have any concerns, or need help checking which version of Java you are on, please contact your departmental computer officer.

Over the coming months we will be increasing the restrictions until only the latest versions of Java are allowed to access CUFS, please take this opportunity to ensure you update your Java version.

Issued by Paul Humphreys – Functional Analyst


 FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable




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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.