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Bulletin No. 884

Monday 11th October


Marketplace Availability: Thursday 14th October 

Please be advised of planned maintenance scheduled to take place on the Advanced Marketplace platform on  Thursday 14th October 6:30pm to 9:30pm. 
Please ensure all  requisitions/ orders are completed on the Marketplace and in CUFS ahead of this time.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 
Issued by Janice Sutton - Procurement Team

The University’s Import Export Hub pilot

To support departments with imports and exports the University has joined forces with University Press & Assessment to provide a central team of dedicated, knowledgeable staff. The Hub will sit within Cambridge University Press & Assessment and is part of their International Trade Compliance team and will provide services to the whole University group.  Currently we are working in pilot with the Department of Engineering to help us finesse how the Hub will work in practice whilst the team starts to understand how the University works. 
More information will be released as we review the pilot and refine the processes.  If you would like to join the pilot, please get in touch.  In the meantime, if you require general import or export advice, please continue to contact the University Tax Team as before on

Import clearance instruction requests received centrally

As announced at the last Finance User Group meeting, where the University Tax Team receives clearance instruction queries from freight agents, they will gradually start to involve the Import Export Hub in assisting departments with providing the correct information for entries, required certificates for VAT and/or duty relief and the Hub will issue a unique clearance reference number to enable us to track and reconcile the entry. 
Issued by Karen Sheldon -  Finance Training
Marketplace heading

Air Liquide on the COS supply chain

Air Liquide have issued an update regarding COS supply chain and the impact this has on dry ice production.
Issued by Helen Stuckey - Category Manager

Old unpaid invoices on AP with missing bank details

We have a number of old unpaid invoices in AP which cannot be paid as there are no bank details on the supplier. These are generally set to pay by cheque (“CHECK”, per CUFS), and won’t appear on the Invoice on Hold report.
Please can you review these items for your department and either:
  • Get bank details added to the supplier using the normal procedure; or
  • Cancel the AP transaction if it is no longer valid and no payment is due.
 These items can be found using the Cognos AP Dashboard using the method listed below. See links at the bottom of this item for a reminder of the AP Dashboard.
  • Open the AP Dashboard report in Cognos, limiting the results to your department. This can be found in your Departmental (Shared) Reports folder.
  • Click on the number below Invoices Due for Payment to take you to the detail for that section.
  • When that report has appeared, export it to Excel by pressing the triangle ‘Play’ icon on the black bar at the top of the screen and selecting Run Excel.
  •   When you have the report in Excel, scroll down past the Supplier Summary section to the Invoice Listing section. (You may want to delete all rows above the Invoice Listing section to make it easier to review). You’ll see all your unpaid AP invoice due for payment, with the payment method in column K, and the invoice date in column E. You can filter this data to show only the items set to pay by CHECK. Note this may include some internal invoice. These can be ignored for this review.
Where you have more recent invoices and you have already sent in the bank details for verification and adding to the supplier, you can ignore these.
Additional links:
AP Dashboard
Issued by Stephen Kent-Taylor - Head of Corporate and Shared Services

Deposit Account – Interest Payment & Emailed Enforced Movement Letters

Deposit Account
Please note Deposit Account interest has been credited for September 2021 in CUFS

Enforced Movements
As part of monthly monitoring the Treasury & Investments team have carried out deposit movements to correct debit balances on Sources of Funds. Affected departments will receive documentation indicating which accounts have been adjusted.

Emailed Enforced Movement Letters
Departments will now receive enforced movement letters via email. If these are being received by the incorrect contact or you have not received a notification you were expecting, please contact Treasury & Investments.

October 2021 Deposit Account Interest
Please ensure deposit movements for October 2021 have been processed by the close of 4th November 2021, and that overdrawn accounts have had funds taken off deposit by this time to avoid delays in crediting October’s Interest.

Cambridge University Endowment Fund – Distribution

Distribution September 2021
Please note that the Cambridge University Endowment Fund distribution for the quarter to September 2021 has been processed in the September 2021 CUFS period. This includes July’s distribution (netting off the accrual) at 223.17p per unit per annum and August/September’s distribution at 234.61p per unit per annum

Queries: Any queries should be addressed to: Treasury & Investments,, Ext 64216 

Issued by Scott Maclaren - Treasury & Investments


Forthcoming course (via Teams)

Grants 2: Grants reporting in Cognos Thu 14 and Fri 15 October
This is the Grants course that covers reporting using Cognos. It includes the two “new” consolidated reports where you can design the output by selecting your own layout options. Over the two sessions, reporting is viewed from three different perspectives: summary financial information, detailed expenditure analysis and management reports for grants due to close. You need to have Cognos access and to have competed Intro to Cognos, as well as Grants 1 (both online).

GL2: Reporting in the General Ledger, Wed 20 and Thu 21 October
Generate and discuss the standard reports in both Cognos (Session 1) and CUFS (Session 2) that are most commonly used for monitoring department finances. Common issues and watch points are covered as well. You need to have completed the Intro to Cognos course (and therefore have Cognos access), as well as GL1. If you missed either of the required pre courses, the links to the self-study courses are given below:


Cognos Introduction, Wed 27 and Thu 28 October
This course is the basis for GL and Grants reporting and introduces the functionality of Cognos 11. It is a practical course, with demonstrations of tips and shortcuts. You will need to ensure you have Cognos access setup before the course. This is obtained via your Key Contact. NB. The objective is to facilitate using Cognos. Report outputs are covered in detail in the GL or Grants reporting courses.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training


FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable


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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.