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Bulletin No. 892

Monday 6th December


IMPORTANT: No CUFS access from 12pm on Friday 24th December to 8am on Tuesday 4th January.

As you will be aware there is a heightened risk of cyber security activity such as phishing attacks over holiday periods.

Having assessed previous data volumes it is evident that usage of CUFS during the Christmas and New Year period is very limited. Therefore, as part of improvements made to existing CUFS data integrity and cyber security protocols, access to CUFS will be removed during the period from 12pm on Friday 24th December to 8am on Tuesday 4th January. This will provide added protection from cyber security incidents.

This action will not impact on making payments to suppliers as a revised schedule of payment runs will be implemented for the Christmas period and communicated in the CUFS Bulletin as usual.

Cognos will be available to run reports during this time.

Thank you for your assistance. If you have any queries please contact FSG System Support

Issued by Michelle Bond - Head of Financial Systems



R12.2 Update on issues and procedures

Excel reports in Edge

A recent update to Edge has stopped users from being able to view Excel reports from CUFS.

If you are using Edge 96.0.1054.34 or later, Excel reports from CUFS will download as a text file with no information.

This is an issue with Edge, and affects other applications in addition to CUFS. We have logged the issue with Microsoft and are awaiting a fix from them.

 All other functionality within CUFS while using Edge works as before. If you need to view Excel reports we recommend you try another browser.


pa_flexfield errors

Users have reported experiencing a pa_flexfield error to us, we are currently investigating the cause of this.


Changing colour schemes

 A number of users have reported difficulties with the new colour scheme in html pages.

We understand that there is still a lot of white space on html pages, we have made a request with Oracle for future improvements to these pages.


FAQs and known issues

 If you are experiencing issues with iProcurement, please check the latest How-to Guidance and FAQs before contacting the Helpdesk Hub.

 Many issues can be resolved by Clearing your browser cache.

Please visit the R12.2 Upgrade Page for the latest FAQs and reported issues:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support while we resolve the post upgrade issues.

Issued by Paul Humphreys – Functional Analyst



End of Year Payment Runs 2021

Please refer to the table at the link below for the Christmas Payment Run dates for 2021.

If you have any queries please contact the Accounts Payable Helpdesk on 66888 or email


Supplier Database - Banking information required for new Individuals and Students (who are not already on Payroll)  

We would like to remind departments in order to reduce delays on paying Individuals and Students (who do not already have bank information on Payroll) any new supplier requests must also include:

  • a copy of the person’s banking information e.g. a pdf or photo of the person’s Bank statement/paying in book; where we receive these we shall not contact the individual for verification
  • an email address for the person, this is important for remittance advice purposes

This will allow us to set up the bank information and remittance addresses within a short period after the supplier record is completed and make timely BACS payments without having to follow up for this information separately.
We thank you for your assistance with this.


Customer names on external supplier invoices

We would like to remind departments that they should advise all suppliers to include the ‘University of Cambridge’ on their invoice billing address when they issue them to us, it doesn’t matter if they also add the Department name. We are still seeing a number of invoices that are simply being addressed to the department name only. This is important for all supplier invoices we receive but in particular where we are charged VAT.

Issued by Andrew Weatherley – Manager Accounts Payable, Receivable and Cash Management


eInvoice process on hold

We are currently unable to import invoices from Advanced, the process is selecting the invoices but failing to import them fully in to CUFS.

This is currently under investigation with the Development team who are looking at it as a matter of priority.

Departments should not enter manual invoices for marketplace orders raised to suppliers using eInvoicing

Any queries should be addressed to the Helpdesk

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator


Accessing CUFS using Java

From 13th December onwards, anyone using a Java Version of Java 8 Update 271 or earlier will no longer be able to access CUFS.

If you have any concerns, or need help checking which version of Java you are on, please contact your departmental computer officer.

Issued by Paul Humphreys – Functional Analyst



R12.2 Guidance & FAQs

Reminder: All the updated guidance materials are available here – refer to the menu on the left for individual modules. There is guidance on using the new feature of a simplified view of the home screen and a summary for a quick overview of the iProc changes.


iProcurement online training

The updated course is live. Key contacts should continue to book staff in the normal way by completing the UFS/Cognos User Access Requests form, and checking New user – iProcurement training.


Forthcoming courses (via Teams) 2022

Please view the course timetable for the courses on offer in January.


FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable


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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.