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Users report various warnings and messages when using CUFS.

We have provided an explaination and resolution for some of those messages below.

Java Security Warning Message
This information was issued in bulletin 920, Monday 27th June: Following a Java update the below security-warning message appears in CUFS when users launch forms requiring Java.
Users need to select Don't Block and the forms will launch, unfortunately, this will appear each time you log in to CUFS and use forms.
We appreciate this additional step is frustrating and we are working with Oracle to remove the warning.
Illegal characters: Internal Trading - AR Transaction Description

Not all text can be translated in and around CUFS, Alerts or Error warnings have been put in place advising the user of any illegal characters they may have used and how to proceed.

What is an illegal character?  Imagine a word document with the show/hide function on as below


Internal Trading - AR Transaction Description


Any problems should be addressed to the UFS Helpdesk Hub

"You are trying to access a page that is no longer active. The referring page may have come from a previous session. Please select Home to proceed."
Recieved when logging in to CUFS and is a caching issue.
Users are advised to clear their browser's cache.
Help to do this can be found here: How to clear your browser's cache
If the problem persists please email UFS_enquiries
Further UFS technical help can be found on the on these these technical pages
General Exception - ClassNotFoundException

Check the version of Java that you are using is supported.  Java information is available from the CUFS Java Download page