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CUFS Downloads

Java is now a licenced product for use with commercial applications, including CUFS. The University has a limited use licence for Java downloads and updates but this is restricted for use with purchased Oracle products only and not any other third party products that may require Java.

Customers of Oracle products, such as CUFS, that use the Oracle JRE or Oracle JDK are entitled, without the need to separately purchase Oracle Java SE Subscriptions, to the following:

  1. Download and use Oracle Java SE updates, patches and tools for use with the licensed Oracle product. Customers are only entitled to download such Java SE versions as are required by their Oracle product.
  2. Install and use such Java SE updates, patches and tools to develop or deploy an Oracle product

From 1st May 2021, anyone using a Java Version of Java 8 Update 151 or earlier will no longer be able to access CUFS.

( see Bulletin 859, for reference)

Latest Certified Version 1.8.0_281


Recommended Release 1.8.0_281 (January 2021)


Release  1.8.0_331 - April 2022  

Not Tested


Release  1.8.0_321 - Januray 2022  

Not Tested


Release 1.8.0_311 - October 2021

Not Tested


Release 1.8.0_301 - July 2021

Not Tested


Release 1.8.0_291 (April 2021)

(known certification issues)

Known issues, warning box when logging in due to unsigned certificates. is the latest recommended version


Release 1.8.0_271 (October 2020)


Release 1.8.0_261 (July 2020)




    Vulnerable Periods

    Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.