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Weekly Bulletin No. 877

Monday 23rd August


Year End Heading

Year-end 2020/21 -This week's activities and key dates

Last Date Module Task
Mon 23 Aug Key Date Interim Summary Reports emailed to departments (interim report 2)
Mon 23 Aug Key Date 2nd interim Trust Fund Statement sent out to departments
Mon 23 Aug GL July 2021 Chest Allocation (Fifth Posting)
Tue 24 Aug FA Process all amendments to FA register (NB FA closes Wed 25, 5 pm)
Wed 25 Aug AP Return supplier statements reconciliations
Wed 25 Aug GL Clear any Trust Fund deficits based on a review of 2nd interim statements
Wed 25 Aug PAY Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Credit (July posting)
Thu 26 Aug AR Last date to review for bad debts and notify Credit Control
Thu 26 Aug GL Final journal for Jul-21 VAT return adjustments that impact departments
Thu 26 Aug GL July 2021 Chest Allocation (Final Posting) - Budget field frozen 25 Aug
Fri 27 Aug AR Final posting of bad debt provision

Please refer to year end instructions webpage for further information, including the detailed instructions for individual modules.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training



Vulnerable Period

Supplier Database & Expense Claim Form - Use of vulnerable period Tuesday 24th August

The Supplier Database and the Expense Claim Form (FD1C-02) will be unavailable between 7am and 9am on Tuesday 24th August.

This time will be used to apply critical patches and does not effect access to CUFS, or to the SAP Concur Expense System.

A communication will be issued after completion to advise when access is available.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator



Cognos heading

Cognos - Use of vulnerable period Thursday 26th August

Cognos will be unavailable between 7am and 9am on Thursday 26th August.

This time will be used to apply critical patches and does not effect access to CUFS.

A communication will be issued after completion to advise when Cognos is available.

Issued by Lesley Dent - System Administrator



Cognos - Retired reports

On 31st August we will start to retire the Cognos reports replaced by the Grants: Expenditure Enquiry: The list of reports can be found here

Please note: Existing report views set up using any of the above reports will no longer work after these reports have been retired. Users will need to be replace these with new report views using the Grants: Expenditure Enquiry:

The Detailed Commitment Enquiry report will remain active until an the Grants: Expenditure Enquiry report has been updated to allow a commitments only report output.

We would urge anyone with any feedback regarding the Grants: Expenditure Enquiry to contact FSG System Support.

Issued by Leisa Broad



Marketplace heading

Duplication dispensation requests

Last month, Procurement launched a new email process for approving dispensations, whereby 'Approve' and 'Reject' buttons are included in the email to the Approver (usually a Head of Department). It has emerged that requests will automatically time-out if they are not actioned by Approvers within 30 days. As a result, we have seen some instances whereby dispensation requests originally made in July are being re-submitted for approval once this time-out occurs - resulting in some Approvers being sent dispensation requests that they have already reviewed.

Going forward, all requests that are not actioned within the 30-day period will be auto-rejected. In such instances, requestors can contact Procurement and we can re-trigger the request automatically, so the form will not have to be completed again. As this fix was implemented in early August, repeat dispensations may continue to be triggered into early September. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Issued by Matthew Kidd - Strategic Procurement and Purchasing (SPP) project



Deposit Account – Interest Payment & Emailed Enforced Movement Letters

Deposit Account
Please note Deposit Account interest has been credited for July 2021 in CUFS

Enforced Movements
As part of monthly monitoring the Treasury & Investments team have carried out deposit movements to correct debit balances on Sources of Funds. Affected departments will receive documentation indicating which accounts have been adjusted.

Emailed Enforced Movement Letters
Departments will now receive enforced movement letters via email. If these are being received by the incorrect contact or you have not received a notification you were expecting, please contact Treasury & Investments.

August 2021 Deposit Account Interest
Please ensure deposit movements for August 2021 have been processed by the close of 6th September 2021, and that overdrawn accounts have had funds taken off deposit by this time to avoid delays in crediting August’s Interest.

Cambridge University Endowment Fund – Distribution

Distribution July 2021
Please note that the Cambridge University Endowment Fund distribution accrual for July 2021 has been processed in the July 2021 CUFS period at 223.17p per unit per annum. Please note this is an estimated figure and will be updated once June’s valuation is known.


Any queries should be addressed to:

Treasury & Investments
Ext 64216

Issued by Dave Sizer - Treasury & Investments



Training header

iProcurement training feedback focus groups

With the scheduled CUFS upgrade in November, we are taking the opportunity to review and revise our online iProc training.

We are looking for regular users of the module who would be willing to be part of focus groups and share their views on what works, what could be improved upon.

If you are available over the next 2 weeks, and would like to participate, please would you email your name, department, and your purchasing role to Christine. Let me know which categories you are able to give insight into, and also, which days you are not free.

We realise that this is a very busy time for departments with year end and holidays but if you could spare some time, your input would be greatly welcomed.

Issued by Christine Rogerson - Finance Training



FAQ heading

Monthly Accounting Timetable

To view the status of the monthly process including the month end close dates please use the following link: Accounting Timetable


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Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.