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Key Contacts


It is the Key Contacts responsibility to ensure that the UFS and Finance communications are forwarded to/received by appropriate UFS users within their department. Email groups can be set up by the department to receive and distribute the emails. We suggest departments set up an email group to receive and distribute the UFS communications.
Note: UFS access or changes to Key Contacts accounts should be requested by another Key Contact. If there is no other Key Contact then the request should be copied to the Head of Department for approval.

A Key Contact is nominated by the Head of Department to serve as the liaison between the Financial Systems Group (FSG) and their Department. The Key Contact is responsible for the UFS user accounts within the department and must notify as soon as possible when staff with UFS access retire, have an extended period of leave or no longer use the system due to change of job role. This is essential to maintain system security.

UFS Training

Key Contacts should ensure that all users receive the correct training for their CUFS access.

Some Accounts Payable , Accounts Receivable  and iProcurement responsibilities will not be given until training has been completed. Please refer to the Key Contact Guide. Other module courses such as Grants and General Ledger are available, full listings of UFS courses are available on the Finance Training website.

These courses include all the basic steps required for users starting out in UFS.

Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may not be available between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays, these periods may be used for system maintenance. Users will be notified of any planned use of vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.

Top Tips

Please ensure your details are correct in Lookup - as these are used for email notifications and maintaining system details.  Click on the link and then select 'Your page' on the top right.

For further Hints and Tips - click here