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Printing is not available 

Green Impact - Email CUFS Documents 

Two questions, is there a need to print from CUFS, and if so, does the printer need to be on the CUFS network?

It is possible to direct reports and screen information to printers of any specification via the browser, or better still, saved and emailed out removing the need to print.

Saving the out put - Email out:  The user submits a request for a Report, purchase order, invoice etc, and selects copies Zero. 

Once the request has completed, click on View Output > the document will open on screen > go to  File > Save As > select location and document type. Documents can then be emailed to a number of recepiants reducing paper in line with  The Cambridge Green Challenge.


Details required by UFS for printing 

The form for sending printer details should be completed if you require a new printer to be added to UFS, or if the details of a printer already in UFS have been changed. If you are unsure of any information asked for on the form, please talk to your departmental computer officer. To have a printer removed from UFS, please send a request via email to

We do not currently support centralised printing to locations outside the CUDN

Note: users will need to update their Personal Profile in order to set the new printer as their default:

The information below is provided in order to clarify what information is requested on the form and to help explain some of the terms used especially to departments who have limited technical support personnel.


Printer requirements 

  • The printer must have postscript level 3 capablity.
  • The printer must also have PCL capablity.
  • The printer must have a minimum of 2Mb of memory.
  • Departments with higher print volumes may require printers with more than 2Mb of memory.
  • The printer may be a network printer (directly accessible over the net work), or may be accessed via a print server. Print servers are discussed further down this page.
  • If the printer is protected behind a firewall, the firewall must allow traffic from '' to the printer or (printer server) on port 515 (lpd).


Printer naming conventions 

  • The naming convention used within UFS is 'dept_queuename' or 'dept_printername' as appropriate (eg. LK_printer1). For example a printer at Department of Physics called 'admin_lj_5' would be named 'LK_admin_lj_5' within the UFS Oracle environment.
  • Printer names are limited to a maximum of 14 Characters in length (including the 2 character department code and underscore).
  • The printer name may not include full stops (periods) or spaces.
  • Queue names are CaSe sEnSiTiVe if the printer is attached to a Print Server. Printer 'admin_lj_5' is not the same as 'Admin_lj_5'



It should be noted that it is not possible to implement printer security within the Oracle application therefore all available printers are shown in the print list. Users must take care (use dept code prefix) to ensure that the printer selected corresponds to their department. It is recommended that a user's preferred printer is set up in the Personal Profile.

The application has been set up to 'Never Print a Banner page' If required this setting can be overridden within the local device.


Print servers 

In some departments print servers are employed to allow the central control and maintenance of print jobs going to printers. Jobs are sent to the server which then places them in a queue before forwarding them to a specific printer. The printer which receives the job is known by its 'local queue identifier' on the server. It is this 'local queue identifier' that the user will have chosen when selecting which printer to use. For printers attached to print servers it is necessary to supply both the local queue identifier and the print server details.

Some printers may not be attached to print servers but instead receive jobs directly. If this is the case please specify the Printer IP Address and DNS name.

The University Computing Service runs a central print server which you may wish to use. Instructions for adding a printer to the UCS Print Server can be found here. Printing through

CUFS is currently unable to print to printers or print servers that require it to provide individual credentials for authentication.

CUFS currently only supports printing to lpd queues on print servers


Location of printer 

The location of the printer has been requested so that if there are problems with a printer resulting in a call to UFS support the printer is easily identifiable to both parties. The details of printers and their locations will not be published anywhere and will only be visible by someone with a UFS access. The inclusion of the location may also make printer selection easier.


Vulnerable Periods

Some systems may be unavailable between 6.00am to 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays. Users will be notified of planned vulnerable periods here and in the latest bulletin.